Simple CLI audio metadata editor:

Posted on December 5, 2020 Tags: #technology #linux #music

Audio metadata is often not particularly easy to manage in a simple and quick manner. There’s lots of tools providing this feature but many of them have a ton of other additional functionality or are full-on music library managers. I wanted a very simple command-line tool to quickly change the title, artist and album tags of audio metadata - the result is “” and available in my tools repository. iterates over a file or all files in a given path (default: current path), sets the filename (without file ending) as title and given arguments album and artist as audio tags. The script uses the amazing “mutagen” library under the hood.

Here are a few usage examples:

# Set MyArtist and MyAlbum for all files in current path
./ -ar MyArtist -al MyAlbum

# Set MyArtist and MyAlbum for my_file.mp3
./ -ar MyArtist -al MyAlbum -f my_file.mp3

# Set MyArtist and MyAlbum for all files in path music/MyAlbum/
./ -ar MyArtist -al MyAlbum -p music/MyAlbum/